in dreams
begin responsibilities
william butler yeats
responsibilities 1914

doing something poetic
and become political
and sometimes
doing something political
can become poetic
francis alÿs

we don't want another system
we want millions of different systems
john jordan
interview with BR 2013

we believe that music
can still be a political force of note
and not just the soundtrack
to over-consumption
matthew herbert
there's me and there's you 2008

at the core of all anger
is a need that is not being fulfilled
marshall rosenberg
nonviolent communication 2003

conflict is the only way
we have of learning
beau lotto
interview with "new books in science podcast"

abuse of power
comes as no surprise
jenny holzer
truism t-shirts 1980

give me the poverty
that enjoys true wealth
henry david thoreau
walden 1854

character is how you treat those
who can do nothing for you
malcolm forbes
the sayings of chairman malcolm 1978

not to amaze the bourgeoisie
but to impress the avant-garde
gyoergy ligeti

the city is like a theater
everybody is like an actor
i'm an actor too -
a wizard
saeio "mega wizzard" 2012